Arteries Blockage: What Is It?

Published: 18th October 2010
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Arteries blockage is a warning sign of a pending heart attack. Knowing how to prevent it is a must. Lucky you were born today. Supplements like Angirx can prevent blocking of the arteries.

Blockage of the arteries is a result of the accumulation and calcification of fats in the arterial wall. This blocks blood flow in supplying oxygen in the heart. Arterial blockage can also result in hypertension and heart problems. Complications like heart attack or stroke can result in severe cases.

Symptoms of arteries blockage include angina attacks, elevated blood pressure, fatigue, increased heart rate, palpitations (or heavy pounding of the heart) and body malaise. Management of symptoms is a must. Controlling of high blood pressure and managing of angina are the primary interventions. Nitroglycerin patch is needed to control the pain during angina attacks.

Warning signs are sharp chest pain which lasts longer than the normal angina attacks, pain radiating on the left shoulders and in the neck, blurring of vision and body fatigue. These indicate a pending heart attack. The patient must be taken to the hospital immediately.

In order to prevent the warning signs, regular check-up on your doctor or cardiologist is a must. There are also supplements which can help you maintain general health for the heart and the arteries as well as the blood. One example is Angirx. It is a supplement primarily made for this function.

This product has an all-natural ingredients which are much safer and with lesser effects than your ordinary brands. It can maintain normal blood pressure and reduces cholesterol in the blood. Thus making your heart healthy and you wonít have to worry about blockage in the arteries. This is specially formulated that even control and prevent angina attacks. Thus making you have a more enjoyable life.

Taking this supplement doesnít necessarily mean you are cured from the disease. Maintaining the drug regimen prescribe by your doctor is necessary. This product will only help you make the healing process faster.

Angirx can be the solution for your problems. Donít let heart problems snatch away your happiness. Prevent arteries blockage! If you're looking for a natural angina treatment that work, we recommend you to check out Angirx.

Angirx is an EDTA Chelation products that combined EDTA and highly potent herbs to sweep your arteries squeaky clear by removing arterial plaque that accumulated on your arteries wall.

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